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Jan 9, 2004
Yixing Teapots and Characteristics of Zisha (Part 1)

 The plasticity is good. Take the purple ink paste as the example, it 液限 is 33.4%, 塑限 15.9%, the index is 17.5%, is the high plasticity, may wilfully process size each different different modelling. When manufacture the cohesive force is strong, but does not stick the tool not 粘手. If the mouth Yixing Teapots, may alone make, again sticks after Yixing Teapots on the teapots body may add the putty to carve the processing to execute the skill; The side household utensils putty piece meets takes shape may use the fat putty (to add moisture content then) the cementation, again carries on the processing. The such big craft capacity, fully expresses own for Tao Yijia creation intention, displays the craft skill, has provided the material guarantee. 2. The drying shrinkage is small. The Yixing Teapots from 泥坯 takes shape to fires the contraction approximately about 8%, fires the temperature range widely, distortion rate small, 生坯 intensity big, therefore tea Yixing Teapots 口盖 can achieve fits together snugly or perfectly, the modelling outline line custom is strict but does not send the distortion. The hand may compared to the porcelain Yixing Teapots thickness, not fear Yixing teapots 口面 loses the circle, like this is proper with the mouth proportion, moreover may do opens the mouth the household utensils and 口面 and Yixing Teapots.

Posted at 12:59 am by yixingteapots

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